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Senior Pastors - Greg & Charlotte Donald

greg sword of spirit.jpg
Both Greg and Charlotte feel the strong call of God to see people touched, impacted and lives transformed for the glory of God. Greg and Charlotte have spent over 10 years pastoring in the Northern Territory and see countless lives saved for Jesus.
Greg is passionate to reach people who do not know Jesus in our community and equally passionate about walking alongside individuals within the church to walk a journey of relentless faith, where people successfully achieve all that they are called to accomplish in life.  
Greg has a real heart for the lost, having lived the life of an addict for many years, he now arrowheads this same determination which was once seen to survive and support an addiction to see God's hand move right here in the Copper Coast of South Australia.
Charlotte, with her vibrant personality and an unstoppable passion for Jesus, is the author of the autobiography “Prostitute to Princess”.
The life she’s lived prior to Christ now sees her passionately preach a message of hope with a desire to build the local Church. Charlotte's passion for Jesus is unstoppable, she has faith and determination that sees her empower congregation members for all they are called to be within God's house.
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